Chicken pie

Requisites Preparation


Low round form 24 cm
8 slices puff-paste
1 chick breast
Pepper, salt
100 gr. soup vegetables
100 grams pork
1 beaten egg
1 thick piece of boiled ham of 100 grams
Dash white wine
Dash whipped cream
2 tablespoons flower









Cook the chick breast in large 2dl water with pepper and salt. Add after 7 minutes. the soup vegetables closed and the in dice cut pork. Cut the slice ham in small roes and join that together with the wine at the meat to. The chicken create done is, as soon as she from the pan and cut the meat of the blunt (you can also take chickens filet) . Stir the flower through the whipped cream and lengthen that possibly at with what milk till a fluid slippery mixture. Bind the broth with the flower mixture till a thick tied sauce, bring these possibly on taste with what pepper and salt. Lay 4 slices puff-paste on each other and roll they from to size of the form. Covered with this the light buttered form, lay first the chicken on the bottom and thereupon it what cooled down greeting meat mixture. Role of the remaining slices dough of the lid and cover with this the pastei. The sides there at the same time a knife cut and press they with the teeth of a fork at on the edge of the form. Stab with an excellent form of the rest of the dough half moons and garnish with this the pastei. Cover the top with some beaten egg and move the cake on it grilled at the bottom of the preheated oven by a temperature of 225 Celsius backing time 35 minutes