Christmas pudding.

Preperationstime ... approximately 1 hour. Mixture better if allowed to stand overnicht.

Cooking time ... 6-8 hours

A Christmas pudding is probberly one of the easiet things to make. The preporations take a long time but they are not in any way difficult.



4 oz.flour

2 on. breadcrumps

2 eggs

1 teaspoon mixed spice

1 level reaspoon cinnamon

1 level teaspoon nutmeg

4 oz. shredded suet4 oz. brown sugar

4 oz. grated apple

1 small grated carrot

4 oz. mixed candied peel

4 oz. chpped blanched almonds

pint ale, beer, stout or milk

4 oz. currants

8 oz. raisins

4 oz. sultanas

2 oz. chopped prunes or dried apricots

grated rind and juice lemon

grated rinse orange

1 tablespoon golden syrup or black treacle

2 eggs





1. Make sure that the bread is not too stale. It is easier to

 make Breadcrumbs if the bread has become firm but on no account should it be over stale otherwise it micht become 'mouldy'.


2. A good cooking apple gives the best flavor in the pudding.


3. The ale or beer does not prove to strong in taste but gives a richness to the pudding.


4. Mix all ingredients toggether, stir wel and leave overnicht if possible.


5. Plce in a large or 2 smaller basins and cover well with cloth or paper.


6.Steam or boil for 6-8 hours

7. Cool


8. Remove wet coverings. When cold put on dry covers.


9. Steam for 2 hours on Chritmas day